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October 10, 2008

The Sky Is Falling

The situation facing this country since I last posted has reached critical mass. Who knew that outside of record job loss, escalating food, energy and living costs, that the bottom would fall out of American financial infrastructure? I have watched our 401K dwindle in the past six months unable to stop the slide. The choice to take it out and be penalized, or leave it and watch it continue to disappear is no choice at all. It makes me furious and all the more determined to insure that I do everything I can to help Barack Obama become the next president. I am furious that our legislators, journalist and presidential candidates sold us out by saving the same idiots that pulled the rug out from the people of this country. I disagree with the choice to bail out the financial institutions that created this mess, but as usual, my voice, and yours, was not heard. It appears that we can foot the bill but not have a stake in determining how it is to be paid and to whom it is to be paid. How much worse could it have been if we had let the market right itself? We shall never know because that decision was made for us. Why aren't people being held accountable, prosecuted and sent to jail? They are criminals and what they have done has created a situation that imprisons us all. I read a commentary by Michael Moore that not only makes sense but if considered could go a long way in righting this perilous mess. I urge you to send a copy to your congressperson and demand that his principles be considered. Whoopi Goldberg moderator of The View also has constructive ideas that could help stop this meltdown. Specifically she suggests that all mortgages be given twenty-five percent forgiveness across the board and let people losing their homes start from scratch. It is not perfect but it too goes a long way in helping the people most hurt by this crisis instead of the fat cats that created it. In the past three weeks I have observed that the leaders we elected to advocate for us, instead advocate for the people that have fleeced us. My ears sting with the rhetoric echoed by media, pundits and elected officials pleading that we stay still. Don't panic and do anything drastic like take your money out of the bank. It could only make matters worse. I for one don't believe it and don't trust anything reported by the media concerning this crisis. 700 billion dollars hasn't solved the problem, and if you believe that it ever would have - think again. I am asking that you contact your congressperson and demand there be no more of our money be used to save an economy spiraling down into freefall. Let it bottom out. Their only interest from this day forward should be the interest of the electorate. If another dollar is to be spent, let it be for our children, veterans, homeless, aged and the disenfranchised. I don't know how this is going to end, but I do know that everyday one of my fellow citizens is losing their savings, home and or their ability to care for their families. Unemployment is at a record high and peoples salaries falter under the rising cost of living. Who's bailing them out? Is it a sign of the times or the end of times? Either might be true, but that does not mean in the meantime we shouldn't be doing something to live out this time in dignity and peace. It is our choice and it is up to us, one by one, to join our votes and voices November 4th, 2008. Do not be distracted by name-calling, lies and pit bulls with lipstick. What has transpired in this country over the past eight years up to this moment has changed America forever. It will never be the same but I believe that from the ashes it can be better. That is the hope that keeps me optimistic. A change is coming and his name is Barack Obama. Stand with him and let us take our country back for all of us.

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