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March 30, 2009

Stand By Me

It has been less than seventy days since Barack Obama was sworn in as the President of the United States of America. His challenges are staggering and will become even more so as congress and the media continue to undermine and second-guess his agenda and proposals. It is up to the electorate (US = you and I) to help our president get this country back on its feet if we are to survive the challenges that affect us all. The week of March 30, 2009 our president heads to Europe for the G-20 Summit. Opposition awaits him before he hits the tarmac. I am concerned for him and the people of this country and the world. One man is expected to change the world and the mess it has become. He is bombarded with swells of criticism and a chorus of voices calling for his failure at home and abroad. We have to circumvent the negativity and proponents of NO. At this point, our congress and the media have been looking out for their own interests - the election of 2012, propping up their ratings, and jockeying for political favor seems to be first priority. Their interests do not appear to be ours, but instead, the interests of lobbyists and the special interests they represent. If we are going to thrive it is up to us to save our own hides. We the people voted for change and it is we the people who have to show up and ensure that the change is implemented. President Obama can't do this alone and we shouldn't expect him to. We must continue to write, call or e-mail our elected officials and turn the heat up. Remind them to support our current president or be prepared for unemployment in 2012 or 2016. We are all in this quagmire of a failing economy, planet in peril, war in Iraq and Afghanistan, infrastructure failings and deteriorating educational institutions together. The solutions to these dilemmas and others will not wait until the next election cycle. Now is the time to stand up, show up and speak up. Now is the time to do what you can, from where you live, to help turn the corner and help this country recover. There is lots of work to be done. Currently the administration is focusing on providing jobs for the millions who have lost them and the millions more threaten by impending job losses. The agenda for a green economy proposed by this administration is one of the answers to promote jobs and save our planet. Please take time to view Emmanuel's video that simply explains how you can become involved.

The video simplifies how your community can be a beneficiary of the 150 billion dollars allocated for the green economy in the congressional and presidential budgets. We have less than three and half years to get this country back on its feet. Jobs, healthcare and educational reforms must be instituted for this country to survive the tailspin we find ourselves in.

In conclusion think of it this way. If your automobile had four flat tires as you were traveling down the road which would you fix? How many would you fix to get back on the road? All four, period!! That is where we find ourselves as Americans. All of our tires are flat and a patch job, or one spare, will not get us back on the road. So let's suck it up, and get to work and help our president do what must be done. The time is now let's get it done.

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