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September 30, 2009

Changing The World Means Changing You!

I have a strict chain of command in my life that I rarely deviate from. God first, me second and then everybody and everything else. One of my financial gurus, Suze Orman, states it differently - you, then people and things. I bought that up because during the past month my life and my web mistress' life faced challenges and situations that involved us being fully present. Every moment required that we be present in that moment so the enormity of what we faced wouldn't discourage or defeat us. This month demonstrated that life goes on no matter what you are experiencing and doesn't ask or require your input. I was reminded that the world isn't changed by my puny efforts, so the best thing I could do was to let go and let life take me wherever I needed to be. What I realized was that I don't have to know what is going on, all I need to do is trust. Trust that I am doing the best I can and to be the best I can. All I need do is to think about how far I have come, even when I didn't know where I was going and what I would do when I arrived. During this month that flashed by, I reveled in the gloriousness wonder that life is and continues to be. I didn't have time to wonder what was going on, and more importantly, how I was going to fix it. I thought about the goodness and the good people around me. Then it dawned on me that one major habit I had let weave itself into my life was squeezed out. MEDIA. The news in every form from newspapers, to television and radio had taken a back seat. Everything was sweeter and all things became possible. I had allowed the insidious habit of filling my mind, ears and eyes with the programmed garbage to alter how I viewed others and myself. I realized that no matter how positively I live my life, the poison fed through media is meant to defeat, deflate and destroy. Strong words, but the next time you tune in to radio or television news or read your paper, notice how you feel. Do you feel hopeless, angry, judgmental and amazed at the atrocities and pain that we perpetrate against one another? Now I say "no more".

My new business has taken up most of my time this month. encourages personal development at least 20 minutes a day. It's a time to feed my mind and spirit, food for thought that will change the way I think, which in turn will change the way I live. This pass month my friend Peg sent me the funniest e-mails that made me laugh so hard that my endorphins engulfed my office. Thought, compassion, love, laughter and peace are the tools I want to build my life on. So I have decided the news, and all other entities designed to determine how and what I feel, go to the bottom of the list in my life. I get to make that determination every moment of everyday. I know that changing the world doesn't happen on the outside of me. Think about that today. Think about if you are ready to take the leap of faith and trust that God will make sure you show up where you need to, and know what you need to know when you need to know it.

Our planet appears to be in chaos, and if you only see the world from a myopic view, that would appear to be the truth. The real truth is that there is beauty that abounds, good and loving people that are showing up and silently changing the world. Turn off the outside noise and tune in to you. Feed yourself with good words, music, people and situations, and I'll bet the world that you see will become the blessed, beautiful place you desire.

I would like to end this post with some of the memorable, thought provoking and funny stuff that strengthens my resolve to change me and therefore I will change the world. Will you join me?

Here's the Puppy Who Can't Roll Back Over. Next is the Will Ferrell plea to protect the health insurance companies. And then there are the Billionairs for Wealth Care. The Billionairs are so patriotic that they even sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic at their rallies. And last, but certainly not least, the ultimate love story of Suryia and Roscoe.

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