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November 6, 2009

That Is What You Were Hired To Do

The word "pathetic" aptly describes the drivel televised, printed and programmed as news everyday in this country. The 1970's film NETWORK's famous line "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore" was the death knell for news. Real news was swapped for 30-second sound bytes and high network ratings. It was as though a media mogul was perched above Wall Street when he sent out a memo to the media at large throughout media land which said:

"Those of you that desire long term employment will institute, implement, and memorize these new policies. To insure that we have the most uninformed audience in history, we will no longer provide substantive, truthful unbiased news. Our corporate owners and shareholders desire a numb, dumb and ignorant audience. The rule of thumb is to push personalities before people - no relevant, poignant issues of the day. Always report conjecture, probabilities, possibilities, could be, maybes, and someone or sources said. Anchors, radio jocks and talking heads will be mostly white men, and if you question this don't bother to return tomorrow and pick up your final paycheck now. Our job is to sucker punch our audience with headlines that choke their reason and ability to think. Our job is to control them emotionally, divide and pit them against one another. Scare, anger, incite, and confuse are the passwords that hold our audience hostage as we pander the issues that destroy the soul of America. The more idiotic you think a news story is, will be the one that will be our breaking news. Balloon boy, Sarah Palin's Facebook page, political party's infighting, Kate and Jon, Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith is now the news. Under no circumstances will the casualties and cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars be headline news, fit those stories in where you can. Blackwater, KBR and Halliburton governmental contracts that kill innocent civilians, troops and drain the nations coffers aren't as important as making sure we take down ACORN and the people that depend on the ACORN housing programs. If you don't agree with our policies – quit, then try to sue us. The people that own us have the most attorneys, lobbyist and two or three Supreme Court justices. If you have any questions, concerns, or a conscience in regards to this memo, file them and spend your time trashing the current administration. That is what you were hired to do."

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