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March 7, 2011

What about the Living Children?

I don't know how much time rational, civilized citizens of one of the wealthiest countries in the world will spend to continue to fight over the unborn while living children languish in poverty.

I don't know why local and national editorials, political and religious groups, hospitals and churches defend murder, intimidation and deception shrouded in the argument that an unborn child must be saved at any cost.

What I do know is that over 13 million or 19% of American children live in poverty and the number is rising. This number does not include children that are defined as low-income, add those children and 29 million or 41% of children live in poverty.

Children make up 26% of the United States population yet 39% live in poverty.

What I know is that EVERY day 2,600 children are born into poverty in America. 40%, or 1 in 50 children, are homeless.

What I know is that the South is the worst region in our country for child poverty with 42% of Southern children living in low-income families. Mississippi and District of Columbia have the highest rates of child poverty while Texas can proudly proclaim only 20% plus of our children live in poverty.

I don't know about you but these are the numbers that should make us, as a nation, shamefaced. Why aren't we enraged and laying our bodies in front of the capital for a cause worth fighting - caring for our living children?

I wonder how many people and pro-life groups do more than stand on moral high ground fighting for the unborn, as the opportunity to feed, clothe, or protect a living child is lost in heated rhetoric and self-righteousness?

Spending time debating the rightness of saving an unborn baby is ludicrous as we step on, over, around, through and by lthe iving children who breathe life today.

Contraceptives, education on safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases wouldn't be available to most young people and women if not for Planned Parenthood. Throwing away the baby with the bath water won't change that 19% of the living children in this country need our help today.

My family and I also fight for life, but not based on religious or cultural beliefs. Tithing, volunteering, donating and voting help a living child live a better life.

The unborn life is between God and the woman carrying it.

It is no one else's business!

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