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December 14, 2012

Joy and Pain

Joy and PainThere is a musical classic by Frankie Beverly and Maze by the name of JOY and PAIN. The refrain that has played over in my head throughout the past 30 plus years is "...How come the things that make us happy make us sad?...

I ask myself that question, especially during the holiday season. Traditionally in America the holiday season begins Thanksgiving Day and is celebrated through New Year's Day. Candy, cookies and treats cover tables and desks at homes and workplaces. No matter who you are, or what you believe, you are invited to eat, drink and be merry. Scrooge, Atheist, and anyone else who resents or grumbles about the joyful and joyless traditions, is dragged into the lights, glitter and Christmas music that plays incessantly.

November 18, was and probably will always be, painful for me since it was the day in 2009 that my beloved child Jumoke choose to take his life. Joy peeks its head out as I remember his laugh, kindness and the close bond that wrapped us around one another never to be separated - that is until November 18, 2009. One moment I am filled with the joy we shared for 34 years then I am overcome with inconsolable grief that has no place to hide from the pain buried in my heart that aches from the loss of him. Every November since his death, I seek solace in the traditions of eating until you pop giving and being grateful for all I have. November a month of family, food, visits, gratitude, celebrations and the constant companions, joy and pain.

Now it is December. Chestnuts roast over open fires, sleigh bells ring in unison with the Salvation Army Bell ringers in front of the stores that ring up billions of dollars that are spent to bring joy - ignoring the pain that will come in January. If you overspent or gave for the sake of giving to people you haven't spoken to or seen since last Christmas, you will surely feel pain. Oh that joy and pain!

Yet it is tradition with Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and baby Jesus in the manger that overtakes our common sense. How easily we forget that the holiday season has nothing to do with food, gifts, debt, volunteering at a local food banks or homeless shelters that are caught up in the joy until December 26. Oh the joy and pain. As the holidays wind down we regretfully and slowly trudge through the end of December to New Years Day in January. We recycle the wrapping paper, forget most of the gifts and search our closets for looser fitting clothes. The plight of the homeless and hungry circumstances are forgotten by the givers but a reality for them for the next 363-364 days. Bah humbug, pain, pain, pain.

As I end this blog my heart is overcome with pain for the survivors in Connecticut.

Our vow as human beings should be to practice love, charity, goodwill, compassion, sharing, caring, and gratitude daily. Living as joyfully as we can everyday should be our creed so when the pain that will inevitably touch all of us one time or another will be tempered with joy. Joy and Pain. May we remember they are the same coin, just different sides, and open our hearts to both.

You can hear the song Joy and Pain by clicking here.

Happy Kwanzaa and holidays to you all. From my heart to yours, Peace.

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