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November 1, 2012

The Truth And Nothing But The Truth,
So Help Me God!

Seek TruthBy the time you read this, there will be less than five days for registered voters to decide on November 6, 2012 who will lead our country. It would be a travesty for them to do so based on anything but the truth and facts. Our lives, the survival of our environment, and the future of generations depend on this election more than any I have experienced in my sixty years.

I'm not famous, powerful or a published writer, and I hope that's not held against me when OP-ED Editorials or chosen. I have a name but for this OP-ED, please call me TRUTH. Truth, a name that is genderless and colorless and has no designated religion, culture or nationality. I am as young as the newborn baby born into generational poverty and as old as the seniors that survive on meager incomes derived from Social Security and Medicare. I am Truth, the 47% also known as the working poor and the other 47%, children, veterans, mentally and physically disabled, felons that are released but not free, and every human being who had the bad luck of being born anything but privileged. I comprise a group so poor that I am categorized as homeless, disenfranchised, perhaps because I can't read, write, or have no job. I live below the poverty line.

I have been watching and waiting for the 2% that tread on my life with disdain, feeling no shame and knowing the playing field of opportunity is tilted in their favor. They believe that they are entitled to the cream of the crop and the fat of the land. The 2% governed by laws written by them for them and a tax code that rewards them for providing me with a salary that limps to keep up with the cost of living. I have been waiting for someone to speak for me because they have not and will not. Of course there are exceptions to every rule the Warren Buffets, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates to name a few, but generally, the 2% who want what is fair, right, and just, are all too few.

We have documents that set out a framework that gave all Americans an equal chance to have liberty and pursuit of the American Dream. The framework made up of executive, judicial, legislative branches were enacted to represent all citizens. Greed, weak morals and values have given way to those who wrote or write the biggest checks and shell out the biggest perks. Those people who honestly sought to work for all citizens have been overpowered, run down, or just plain given up

Who carries the mantle that represents the truth, and nothing, or anything but truth? Do you know to who I am referring? Do you recognize yourselves? I use to know you well and I remember you. You are an entity called the "Media", in all of its forms - newsprint, radio, television and the internet. At one time media gave a voice to those that had no seat at the table where decisions made.

When did the media stop being one for all instead of all for one? I have lived six decades and there was a sweet moment when the media's only responsibility was to print the truth. Opinions, talking heads, corporations, the richest, and the most famous had no place on the front page. They had a place and it was called advertising, marketing and opinions, lies, dishonesty, and misrepresentation of the facts. They paid for the right to peddle their muck. It was nasty, but papers had to pay the bills, so it was a means to do right while giving wrong a place to peddle their wares. It was a compromise and guaranteed that those who sought the media for objectivity could trust that the news would be reliable, factual and untarnished by personal views. The media used to be an entity where a reader or listener could make an informed decision.

Yet, little by little the media gave into the lure of thirty pieces of silver to represent muck as the news. Has not one newspaper, magazine or Editor considered that by side stepping factual news, they became a pawn of the 2% ? Is your conscience eased as you give me a column titled 'Editorials" that supposedly gives me space to voice my concerns about the injustices and inequalities that are sucking the air out of America?

I have written numerous editorials praying my words would touch just one Editor to say, 'enough we are failing our readers and our country by selling opinions in the guise of news." I almost gave up fighting for truth, but I was raised to believe, "You desire truth in the Inward parts." I can no longer free fall into the pages of cartoonish news dressed up as anything but. Don't get me wrong, it has been many years as the news slid down the slope of compromise. Its beacon of light dimmed. Something pivotal changed and all but put out that beacon of light.

I have been waiting and writing the past four years as the President of these United States, Barack Hussein Obama, has been lynched, tar and feathered in the halls of congress, on the early and evening news, waiting for the bullhorn of our country, the media, to draw a line in the sand. Morning, afternoon and evening news shows, pumped full of their egos and ratings, have lost sight of their purpose, which once was noble and its pride was to stand and print the truth.

I, Truth have been waiting for someone to say that having the most money does not mean you have the right to offend, incite hatred, and spew unadulterated lies, and then use the Constitution to hide behind the rhetoric that is ripping America apart.

So I am taking a chance that I one of the 47% might call on you, the editors, during the most important election of my lifetime, will tell the truth so we the people can make informed decisions for the 2012 Presidential and legislative seats.

I am asking for the good of us all for you to print the truth about Presidential Candidate Romney from his continuous flip flopping on every issue from abortion, to equal pay for women, and his disdain of the 47%. Mr. Romney, in truth, is called a chameleon, changing to adapt to his environment.

I am asking you print the truth about President Obama, and his accomplishments against all odds. His attempts and naivete that he would work with a Congress who like Brutus, planned his failure as he danced on Inauguration Night.

Print the truth about why our credit worthiness around the world was downgraded, not because of the President, but a pompous Congress who agreed upon a poisonous pact for his failure that superseded truth. Has our President always been right and do I agree with all of his decisions? Of course not.

Here we are 5 days or less before the 2012 Election. The future and the fate of our splendid future or dismal downfall. The truth is the denominator that will allow our citizens to make decisions of who will lead us. Will you take the chance and print this column, and before election day, lay out the facts the truth and hopefully pick up your mantle of truth with pride?

Thank you.

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