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July 20, 2013

I Don't Have Time For That!

I Don't Have Time For ThisIt wasn’t a hard decision to take a break from listening, watching or trolling the internet for news. I was feeling overwhelmed, helpless, angry, and carrying my clip board with the names of all the people I've judged since it didn’t appear anyone else was doing an adequate job. My mind was limp from trying to solve the chaos I was observing. My heart hurt from the pain I felt and saw, my faith faltered as injustice, cruelty, apathy, greed, lack of civility and compassion continued to expand across the nation. Schools, churches, homes assaulted by the mean-spirited energy flashed across televisions, computers and smart phones. So eight weeks ago instead of a vacation, or a stay-cation I opted to turn off the news. The remote became one with my fingers as I listened to television music stations. Television was again entertainment. My fingers are one with my remote memorizing numbers of the Tennis Channel, ESPN 2, movie channels, cooking networks and of course, Oprah’s network OWN. (I admit I sneaked a peek at Melissa Perry this pass Saturday morning. The sister is bad ass and she is reporting vital information) I reintroduced myself to reading books and my Nook. I’m feeling good as the heaviness of the propaganda posing as news falls to the wayside.

The phone rang as my friends and buddies I had engaged with on a regular basis about politics and the messed up world that needs correcting called to inquire if I had heard the latest about the current five minute headline. I informed everyone I was boycotting the news. If there was something pertinent I needed to know I trusted that the universe would insure I was informed. So it was with great pleasure that two friends called within a week to ask if I had seen the show about people who had gotten famous on the internet. I had’t, and of course, thought to myself that it was only a matter of time before I would be one of those people. Because this woman has a vision. Anyway my friends informed me that I had to check out the woman who got famous from the phrase, “I don’t got/have time for that!” The way it was explained to me is someone heard her say I don’t have time for that, and went to the studio, added sound affects, visuals, etc., taped it, and put it on Youtube. As they say, the rest is history.

Hmmm... my sentiments exactly as I observe the chaotic world I am part of. Hence I begin my list of I don’t have time for that ! I am mad as hell and I am not going to put up with it anymore. I am tired of the division, deriding, derangement, dereliction of duties of the government, corporations and leaders of America humiliating, ignoring and just plain disrespecting the majority of us. I don’t have time for that !

The new Jim Crow also known as the penal system doesn’t sit well with my consciousness either. If the system can’t find a way to incarcerate black boys and men, it seems to be alright to just kill them. Black men murdered where they stand, while they pump gas or ride the subway. Black families ripped apart just as it has been for the pass 200 plus years in this country. I don’t have time for that !

Are you watching as Congress, legislators, and courts across America gut the Voting Rights Act? Did you know since 2011, 46 states have enacted or are proposing some form of voter suppression; photo ID requested to vote, photo ID required to vote, proof of citizenship required to register to vote, and bans on election day voter registration are just some of the ways contrived to insure that those in power stay in power. If you live in North Carolina, good luck on voting day. They just enacted one of the most suppressive laws against voting I have seen. They have eliminated same day voter registration, limited early voting and stopped Sunday voting. According to the NAACP almost one-third of African American voters don’t have the government-issued photo ID cards now required. Yes, they are fighting it in the courts but how did we ever let it get this far? WAKE UP my fellow citizens and recognize reality television is becoming many or our realities. I don’t have time for that !

FRACKING. Have you heard of it? Do you know what its doing to our home, the earth? The powers that be - our government, corporations and the wealthy have apparently decided that the oil, gas and coal companies aren’t doing enough to poison our air, land, and water, so why not Frack? Fracking is hydraulic fracturing. It is the process of extracting gas from shale rock formations. It takes millions of gallons of water to extract gas from shale rock formations. Fluids comprised of water, sand and chemicals are forced into underground formations. Of course this creates pressure that cracks the rocks and the gas escapes flowing into wells. Families land become worthless and their homes inhabitable as companies frack their way across America while denying fracking has anything to do with it. To insure you understand the dangerous nature of this practice, remember these facts provided by Fracking a single well can require more than one million gallons of water, depleting local groundwater and drying up creeks. In many states the drilling companies fracking don’t have to disclose what chemicals they are using because its a “trade secret” It’s no secret its harmful to people and our planet. The “Halliburton Loophole” Again we can thank Dick Cheney for his expertise in destroying people and nations while pocketing every dime he can. Mr. Cheney lobbied big oil and gas companies whom are now exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Air Act. Fracking can light your tap water on fire and is growing as people compromise their lives for a job. Come on. Can’t you see it for what it is? Yet another greedy scheme which is destroying the earth and poisoning our water as the rich get richer while the employees receive stingy wages. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for that !

I could go on and over the next several months I will try to encourage you to WAKE UP and take on one of these issues or others. Life as we have known it is disappearing while we blame and shame one another instead of blaming the few very wealthy people and companies that call the shots. I say enough. I say I can’t do everything but I can do something. I am going to keep writing, signing petitions, boycotting companies that engage in killing, stealing, torturing, poisoning and destroying our earth and environment. I am going to find a dollar for a cause instead of a cup of coffee or bottled water to help non-profits fight for me and with me. I am going to tell everybody that will listen to WAKE UP! I am going to speak truth to power because If I don’t if you don’t we all go down together. No money in the world will prevent that.

E PLURIBUS UNUM - In unity we are one. I’m calling you out. I'm calling you to take action and to say with me, I don’t have time for that !

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