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February 4, 2013

Find The Good And Live It

Happy New Year, Happy Valentine's Day and happy, happy for all the holidays that have passed or are forth coming. I have been frustrated and disappointed that it's taken so long to write about what is wonderful news for all American's and the world. January 21, 2013, Barack Hussein Obama was Inaugurated for the second time as President of these United States. It wasn't an easy task for him to be sworn in for the second time. The Super Pac monies sanctioned by the Supreme Court Justice's, voter suppression manifested by faulty voting machines, voting lines up to 8-12 hours in some places, changing polls, closing polls, enacting last minute changes in the voting laws by Republican governors, taking qualified voters off of voter registration list, Republicans hiring companies to register only Romney supporters, and billboards erected in poor and minority neighborhoods inferring one could be arrested if they voted illegally with no explanation of what the illegal activities were are just a few of the tactics used to deny President Obama a second term. Guess what? It didn't work. The truth, democracy and the voice of the people wasn't denied. President Obama not only won the popular vote by more than five million votes but the electoral college as well. A reason to be happy right? A reason to celebrate and take a breathe and enjoy that our country had made our voices heard. The people spoke. The votes were tallied and the candidate that Americans believed would stand, fight and represent our will was elected November 6, 2012. President Barack Obama. I wondered why President Obama was taking the Oath of Office on two bibles, Martin Luther King's and Abraham Lincoln's. To honor them? No, I believe the President knew he needed all the help he could get for his second term. No sooner than the swearing in ceremony was done, the swearing at him and his agenda began. There might be honor among thieves but it doesn't extend to Congress. Did they not hear the President's address? Did they not know their candidate and his agenda had lost?

As I watched the Inauguration, the six words that keeps ringing in my ears and is etched in my memory were those spoken by Republican Senator Lamar Alexander. He quoted Alex Haley, the author of Roots. The words were "Find the good and praise it." I was struck how those six words could be so powerful. Had anyone else reacted like me? Did anyone else hear the hope and invitation to cooperate and be the American we so proudly proclaim to be, or were they still pondering the poet Richard Blanca's words or Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce's patriotic tributes?

Our President spoke for 18 1/2 minutes touching on every theme from ending wars, global warming, upcoming budget battles, gun control, foreign policy challenges and bipartisanship. The President's speech was short and succinct. He reminded us by these words, "We made ourselves anew, and vowed to move forward together" was a call to us all to work together. Inspirational, forthright, honest, and in your face blue print of what his second term would focus on. I adored the speech but it is the six words written by Alex Haley spoken by Senator Alexander that hung in the air as letter by letter echoed into our ear chamber, "Find the good and praise it."

What happened? Less then 24 hours after the Inauguration the media was abuzz with bull dookey! The President's speech was attacked, analyzed and interpreted by talking heads, editors and politicians. Discussions and debates about Beyonce lip synching was 24 hour news, and the first gay inaugural poet, Richard Blanco, was accused of trying to change the constitution. Really? Is that all we heard. If so, it was those six words that had everybody running headlong into dissension, deception, degradation, digression, disparaging, disruptive and disrespectful remarks. Six words that held the promise of a nation ready and willing to work together were passed over as political points. So I am going to take the liberty to change one of the words in the hope we might as a country get the gist of the President's Inaugural Address, the poets intent and Beyonce's decision to lip synch a patriotic sung on a cold day. Say the words slowly, and then do it, "FIND THE GOOD, AND LIVE IT."

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