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October 9, 2014

Dear Reverend/Pastor/Prophet/Rabbi

The Faiths

The purpose of my correspondence is to encourage you to speak to your congregations about the importance of VOTING this mid-term 2014 election on November 4. I am calling on the church, the heartbeat of the Black/African American Community, to read the following letter with an open heart and an open mind.

I thank Larry Bee of Las Vegas for his permission to share this important letter. I implore you to act on it.

Dear Reverend/Pastor/Prophet/Rabbi,

May the mercies and the blessings of God be upon you.

I write you today to seek your assistance. Due to your belief and your faith, and our God's willingness to place in you the authority of the church, you have been elevated to a position of great trust in our community. Not only are you one of God's disciples and representatives in this faith community, you are an inspiration to many of the old, the young, the well, the afflicted, the believers and others.

It is within the gracefullness of your inspiration and community leadership that I write you and seek your assistance.

I am dutifully aware that in the book of Matthew, Jesus said to the chief priests and elders that they should “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God those things that are God's”. It is significant that it was during this week of Easter that Jesus delivered these wise words outlining the differences between what was of the church and what was of the government and His inspired vision of the separation of the two. It is in that same Easter spirit and recognition of His words and the value of them, that I seek your assistance.

Our nation is suffering. We have been set against each other as never before. Many spend a great deal of time and money in efforts to control what God has given all of us - freedom, liberty, free will and the ability to enjoy the benevolence of His grace and magnanimity in the conduct of our family affairs. There are even among us those who pervert the words of Jesus, who so gloriously and eloquently stated, “Love the Lord, thy God, and love thy neighbor as thyself”. Many now attempt to recharacterize his words and lead others astray with a message that encourages their followers to believe that when Jesus said “neighbor”, He meant only people like Himself, or ourselves. You and I and other believers in the mysteries of the Church know that these words were meant to include Jesus' love for all humanity and his instruction that we should share this love, this “agape”, was from all of us to all of us.

God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. My mother stated those words to me often in my youth. Though not scriptural, perhaps those words and God's abundance will intervene and bring about change in our nation before we destroy ourselves.

Therefore, I make this simple request of you. Before our nation destroys itself from within “we the people” must diligently and firmly again take control of our government. In order to do so, it is necessary that the people accept the responsibility of the civic duty to participate in government by casting their votes in local, regional, state and federal elections whereby our leaders come into office and legislate our affairs.

And, though it is said that the only perfect government is found in the kingdom of Heaven, we still must pass through this government before we get to that one. Consequently, we need to elect leaders of this government who will govern us in keeping with the general and specific teachings of our faith, and those teachings include – among others – governing in accordance with the truth that when God gave us our inalienable rights that they were given to all.

Over the course of the next few months, I ask that when the occasion presents itself, you encourage your congregation and others with whom you come into contact, to accept this civic responsibility and participate in our very important and very necessary political processes.

Very truly yours,


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